What is the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee and why am I being charged for it?
On July 1, 2022, the State of Colorado imposed a retail delivery fee on all deliveries by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado. Any delivery with at least one tangible item that is subject to state sales or use tax will incur a Retail Delivery Fee charge, which is currently $0.28 per order.

Why am I only being charged now when I have received orders since July 2022 and not been charged?
Prior to September 27, 2023, Bookshop.org has been covering this charge for all of its Colorado customers. In order to continue to provide maximum support to local independent bookstores, we are now asking our customers to bear the cost of the Retail Delivery Fee.

Why is the charge $0.28?
The Retail Delivery Fee is made up of six different fees. As follows:

Fee TypeRate July 2022 to June 2023Rate July 2023 to June 2024
Community Access Retail Delivery Fee$0.07$0.07
Clean Fleet Retail Delivery Fee$0.05$0.06
Clean Transit Retail Delivery Fee$0.03$0.03
General Retail Delivery Fee0.0840.087
Bridge and Tunnel Retail Delivery Fee$0.03$0.03
Air Pollution Mitigation Retail Delivery Fee0.0070.0073
Total Retail Delivery Fee$0.27$0.28

What if me or my organization is exempt from sales tax, will I still be charged the Retail Delivery Fee?
If every item shipped to you is exempt from sales tax, the delivery is also exempt from the Retail Delivery Fee. However, if one or more items in the transaction is subject to sales tax, the retail delivery fee is due.

What if my order is broken up into several shipments, either because one of the books I ordered is on back order or pre order or because of an error, will I be charged a Retail Delivery Fee for each delivery?
No, you will be charged only once. Each sale for delivery is a single “retail delivery” regardless of how many shipments are needed to deliver the items purchased.

If I return an order will the Retail Delivery Fee be refunded to me? 

Unfortunately, the Retail Delivery Fee is not refundable.