Bookshop relies on members of the reading and writing community, rather than algorithms, to provide book recommendations. By contributing book lists, you can participate. Your lists may be featured on Bookshop’s homepage, category pages, and product pages, and you’ll earn affiliate revenue on any sales made through your lists.

To make book recommendation lists: 1) Log in, if you haven’t already. At the top of the homepage, go to the circular icon and click “Affiliate Profile.” If you do not see this option, it is because you have not yet become an affiliate. To become an affiliate, see “Become an Affiliate.”

2) On your affiliate profile account page , there is a section called “My Book Lists,” which is where you can edit your lists. 

Click “Manage” to edit old lists or create a new one. In this example, I already have three lists:

3) To edit an old list, click the pencil icon to the right of that list’s name. To delete a list, click the trash can icon. To create a new list, click the large “Create a New Book List” button.

4) The most important parts of a new list are the TITLE and BOOKS. The title should be descriptive and relatively short. 

To add a book manually to your booklist, scroll to the bottom of the page, paste an ISBN-13 (it must be an ISBN-13; the system doesn’t recognize ISBN-10s) into the text box and click the “ADD BOOK” button. We recommend that you use the Bookshop site to search for books and their corresponding ISBN, as not every ISBN that exists elsewhere will be available on Bookshop.

There is now also a CSV upload option: simply create a CSV with the ISBN-13s (no dashes!) of the books you’d like to include in a single column and upload it via the “Upload CSV” button.

The BANNER IMAGE is optional. If you do not upload a banner image, your list will automatically display the covers of the books that appear in the list.

HEADER and FOOTER text are optional but useful to contextualize the list.

You have three choices for LAYOUT, which is how the lists will appear on your profile page and anywhere else on the site. See below for an example of each.

ANNOTATIONS are your comments and blurbs to further personalize your recommendations, but also optional.

Examples from my page:

“Books in my Bag Today” is a linear list. Note the arrows: you can scroll through the list without clicking on it.

“Literally Just the Moomin Novels” is a grid list. It lists the number of books and displays the first 6 covers. Because I didn’t annotate them, the books just appear in rows within the list (see second screenshot).

“My Favorite Living Poets” is a callout list. Readers have to click the title to view it beyond the first 3 covers. On a standard computer web browser, it takes up half the width of the page, so it looks best if there are two side by side. (You can simulate the layout of mobile platforms by changing the width of your browser window.)

This list has the default banner image (book covers), header text, and annotations for each book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email