Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate!  Below you will find the steps to set up your account and some more helpful resources to get you started.


Step 1: Sign up for an affiliate account here: Afterwards, you'll be able to create an affiliate profile page:


Step 2: Your affiliate URLs will follow a standard schema: You can populate your links on all your book pages, in newsletters, social media, etc. 


Step 3: Add books to some lists. Your shop URL also functions as an affiliate link, as do your list URLs, for example: — so feel free to share those on social media and in newsletters, you'll get credit for any book your customers purchase off the site. Add your shop url to your website, social media profiles, or the button for your FB page. 

To create book lists, scroll down and click "manage":

More instructions on creating and editing book lists can be found here.


If you are a brick and mortar bookstore with an ABA membership, once you have your affiliate page set up, please email us back to receive the new bookstore commission rate of 30% of proceeds, and to be added to our live map so patrons can search you by location.

Any customer coming to Bookshop via your links will be cookied and credited to your account for 48 hours (180 days if you are a bookstore). You can also tell your loyal readers to bookmark your shop page and use it whenever they buy books online.


Your affiliate dashboard will track views and sales. You can view your earnings in your ledger. You can cash out your earnings at any time, provided that the 30 day return period has elapsed and you have over $20 in your account. You add your bank details once you hit the "cash out" button.

For more instructions on cashing out, please go here.