We can process a PO with the following steps:

First, we'll need a representative from your organization to create a user account on our site. If the organization is exempt from sales tax, we'll need the state sales-tax exemption certificate or letter sent to make the new user account tax-exempt for all orders.

If you would like your order to be affiliated with a specific bookstore, you'll want to visit that store's page via the Find A Bookstore map. Then, add the desired books and their quantities to your cart. In order to obtain the exact amount needed for your PO, you'll begin the checkout process (but do not yet complete it).

Fill out the appropriate shipping and billing addresses and create your PO based off of the total shown for the books in your cart + shipping. This amount will serve as your official quote to generate your PO.

Send the PO and tax-exemption information directly to nathan.stormer@bookshop.org. Your user account will be credited in the amount of the PO so that you may complete the order online without inputting a credit card. We'll then send a payable invoice to the email address you provide.

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