By Elle McKenzie, Media Affiliate Manager

Our developers have implemented a unique cookie code for each affiliate to earn their rightful commission for any book purchased through a gift card on their Bookshop storefront.

All of us have our own Affiliate ID number, which can be located in "Affiliate Profile & Lists" beneath "Update My Profile." For context, my Affiliate ID number is 5780.

After retrieving your Affiliate ID number, please visit Once inside, scroll down to "Your Affiliate Link". Note your Affiliate ID number embedded in the URL. For example, my unique Gift Card Affiliate Link is 

Your Gift Card Affiliate Link is Similar to your Storefront Affiliate Link, your Curated Book List Affiliate Links, or your individual Book Affiliate Link (located on the book's landing page), this is the gift card URL you should share with your community and customers. Once the recipient redeems their gift card, your storefront will be automatically cookied and displayed at the top left corner of the recipient's browser for 48 hours. As long as books are added to their cart while the recipient is cookied to your affiliate page, you will receive credit for all books purchased on that gift card.

Please also note that in order to redeem a gift card, customers must create or already have an account on our platform. Guest checkout customers will not be able to redeem a gift card on our site. The gifted dollar amount will appear in the recipient's "My Account" page beneath "My Store Credits." 

By marketing (and sharing) your Gift Card Affiliate Link with your family, friends, and customers, you can ensure you'll receive your 10% commission for any item the recipient purchases through that gift card on your Bookshop storefront.

Please be advised that if the recipient ultimately chooses to purchase a book outside of your storefront or curated book lists, unfortunately you will not receive the commission for that given sale. Encourage your community, as you would for your other affiliate links, to place all of their orders through your storefront!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance marketing your Gift Card Affiliate Link.