You are able to add any book you find on the site to a wishlist on each individual item's product page:

Once you've added books to your desired wishlist, you'll be able to personalize those wishlists from your user account:

From this view, you can create new wishlists or copy their links to share with anyone. 

Before you can share the link to your wishlist, you'll want to first ensure that the wishlist's privacy setting is made public:

NOTE RE: WISHLIST SHARING's wishlists are still under construction and do not share some of the same functionalities as wishlists on other sites may, but we do plan on expanding our wishlist's overall functionality soon.

-We are not yet able to have a private autofill feature that allows books on your wishlist to be bought and sent to you without the buyer inputting your shipping address.

-If an item is bought from your wishlist, it will not disappear.

-You are not able to search for another user's wishlist from our general search function.

If you further questions about our wishlists, please contact us.