As of April 2022 we have re-added Apple and Google Pay to be used exclusively by single-page checkout users.

Both are browser-contingent (Google Pay for Chrome & Apple Pay for Safari).

Users will have had to have both set up on their own browsers (desktop and mobile) before the options will appear in the checkout flow:

How to set up Google Pay?

How to set up Apple Pay?

If you have our "experimental setting enabled" under your user account, you will see Google and Apple pay options under the right-hand order calculator upon checking out:

Clicking on either of the Google or Apple Pay buttons makes it unnecessary for the Save and Continue button to be clicked, BUT if you click Save and Continue, you'll be directed to the internal checkout flow that requires they input a credit card, their addresses, etc.

This means that any address you've inputted to our checkout before clicking the Google/Apple Pay buttons WILL BE OVERRIDDEN by the preloaded address saved in the Google/Apple Pay method, so you will need to edit the shipping address associated with the Google/Apply Pay method before submitting the order:

*****NOTE: As of now, we're unable to support any store credit you may have in your user account (from gift cards or otherwise) with payments from Google or Apple pay. You will need to input a credit card into the payment section of our internal checkout and check the box that lists any store credit you may have to apply said credit to an order.