How does it work?
The donation copies purchased will be sent to your chosen affiliate's partner organization, or to We Need Diverse Books, a non-profit organization that distributes books to low-income classrooms, educators, and organizations across the country. When you donate one of Amanda Gorman's books through an affiliate's page, you will be supporting their donation partner organization, as well as supporting said affiliate with your purchase!

Can I buy a donation copy and a copy for myself?
Of course! But, that will have to handled in separate orders. You cannot submit an order for a donation copy and a personal copy of the same book in the same order.

How will I know which books in my cart are donations?
In your cart view, you'll see text that refers to the free shipping on donations next to the donation copy. Non-donation copies will not have this text (see below):

Will I receive a tracking number for donation copies?
No. Donation copies are not routed through our normal direct-to-home order fulfillment system, but will be submitted to the partner organizations in a series of bulk orders after the book drive period ends in April and May, 2022. If you order donation copies in the same order with other titles you've bought for yourself. You will receive tracking information for those books being shipped to you.

Can I send multiple donations to support different affiliates?

Yes, but unfortunately our system does not allow single items to be split between disparate affiliates by quantity in a single transaction. If you'd like to support multiple affiliates with a donation, you'll have to do so in separate orders.

When will my donation(s) ship?

The donation copies will all be shipped in large bulk orders that are submitted in April and May, 2022. Customers will NOT be charged shipping for donation orders.

Can I buy myself a copy of Amanda Gorman's books?

Of course! You can still order yourself a non-donation copy of Amanda Gorman's books here, here, and here.

Why am I being charged tax for a donation copy?

While we do encourage you to use your donation order(s) as a tax write-off, we cannot collect exemption information for all potential customers purchasing donations.

Can I cancel or change a donation?

If you need to cancel or alter your donation of an Amanda Gorman title, please contact customer service.