What is it?
Bookshop.org is partnering with One World to facilitate the donation of copies of Nikole Hannah-Jones’s The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story through We Need Diverse Books (WNDB), a nonprofit dedicated to combating systemic racism by supporting marginalized creators and providing diverse books to students nationwide. 

The book is based on an expansion of The New York Times Magazine’s award-winning “1619 Project,” issued to help reframe our understanding of American history by placing slavery and its continuing legacy at the center of our national narrative.

How Does it Work?
Customers will be able to purchase donation copies through Bookshop.org affiliate links. An affiliate will earn 10% of the cover price, and We Need Diverse Books will receive the donated copies. These books will be distributed to low-income classrooms, libraries, and educational organizations across the US.

You can donate your copy here!

Choose which bookstore affiliate you'd like your donation to benefit:

You can add other items for yourself into the same cart to checkout. The donation copies of The 1619 Project will ship to your chosen bookstore's partnering organization. Those books you purchase for yourself will, of course, be shipped directly to your home. Donated copies will be shipped for free, but any other titles you order alongside your donation will require our regular shipping rates:

Can I send multiple donations to support different affiliates?
Yes, but unfortunately our system does not allow single items to be split between disparate affiliates by quantity in a single transaction. If you'd like to support multiple affiliates with a donation, you'll have to do so in separate transactions.

When will my donation(s) ship?
The donation copies will all be shipped in two large bulk orders that are submitted in early 2022.

Can I buy myself a copy of The 1619 Project?
Of course! You can still order yourself a non-donation copy of The 1619 Project here.

Can I Cancel or Change a Donation?
If you need to cancel or alter your donation of The 1619 Project, please contact customer service.